will there be a time

 Will There Be A Time?

This collection of 14 ‘original spirituals’ by Phil Hudson and friends were recorded in late 2012 but the songs were written over the previous 14 years! The songs explore the joy of the everyday, faith, doubt, community, suffering and yearning for a better world – with a sense of passion and an underlying sense of hope. Musically it covers many styles including rock, folk, reggae, jazz, world and blues but all the songs invite the listener to tap their feet, sing along or maybe both! In describing the album Phil says ‘The songs have a live feel, which I think people will enjoy. And while they were mainly intended to be worship songs, I hope people who are at different ‘places’ regarding faith may still find a way to relate to them, as they come out of my very human struggles. Wherever you are at on the journey of life, you’ll find some inspiration on this CD.

And watch this space for a new album ‘The Gentle Revolution’ and songbook ‘Taking the Back Roads’ coming out on October 22!


Go with the Flow Go with the Flow Sample
The Present The Present Sample
One One Sample
Help Share the Load Help Share The Load Sample
Back Roads Back Roads Sample
Perfect Storm Perfect Storm Sample
Reconnect My Heart Reconnect My Heart Sample
Grace Road (We Are Sorry) Grace Road Sample
Glass Half Full Glass Half Full Sample
You Love Everyone You Love Everyone Sample
Wait for the Lord Wait For The Lord Sample
The First Stone The First Stone Sample
Following the Way Following the Way Sample
Be Not Afraid (Will There Be A Time?) Be Not Afraid Sample

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